Baltimore Splunk User Group

In Baltimore? Use Splunk? Come Join!

Aplura is a sponsor of the Baltimore Splunk User Group. More information about the group, meeting times, and locations can be found on the BMore Splunk User Group Page.

Below are some presentations from our meetings.

Date Summary Presentation
3/21/2016 A presentation which goes through the Splunk App for Stream, its features, deployment, and use-cases. Splunk App for Stream: Features, Deployment, and Use Cases
4/24/2017 All about asciidoc and how it can be used to create better documentation, with a presentation by Chuck Frain.
5/22/2017 This presentation was given after the standard Splunk “What’s New” slides to highlight some of the other cool new features in Splunk 6.6 Splunk 6.6 More Improvements
6/20/2017 Windows Event Logs are something found in almost every Splunk deployment. This presentation goes through best practices for their collection, reducing their license usage, and some suggestions on how they can be mode more useful. Splunk and Windows Event Log: Best Practices, Reduction and Enhancement
7/17/2017 Meeting at TEKSystems with a presentation on NIST security and compliance guidelines and how they can be implemented.
8/21/2017 All about SNMP, how it works, and getting its data into Splunk. SNMP and You
9/18/2017 Getting ready for .conf! Kyle Smith presents a sneak peek at his “Lesser Known Search Commands” talk. Slides will be posted after .conf. ¬†Introduction to Asciidoc(tor)
6/17/2019 What’s new in Splunk 7.3 What’s new in Splunk 7.3