Splunk Security

Security professionals have a lot of data to deal with on a daily basis. While Splunk can help put all of that data into one place, gaining visibility has taken a lot of effort. In order to better deal with the problem, we have developed Aplura Security for Splunk.

We combine our security expertise and Splunk experience to create a solution that provides security visibility and accelerates the time-to-value for your Splunk data. We put our years of delivering services and consulting to work for our customers by delivering a set of free Splunk apps and an advanced content subscription to take full advantage of Aplura’s collective knowledge. The apps provide the most requested security searches and dashboards for your team. The subscription will provide additional value in the form of up to date searches, current security events, and additional news items. The goal is better security, at minimal extra effort, with minimal cost.

The apps are modular in that you can use one, several or all. We’ve also created a central Security App for Splunk to give your team a single place to perform security research and analysis. Our Splunk app solution is free to use and is available now on Splunkbase. Use the form at the bottom of the page so we can let you know when we release extra features and apps.

Advanced Content Subscription

In order to enhance your experience and take full advantage of our free Splunk apps, we offer an affordable, advanced content subscription. The key benefits include:

  • Better Security, Minimal Effort
  • Security Content by Security Experts
  • Accelerate Time to Value
  • Threat Hunting, Reporting, Analytics, and more

To get started, download the Security App for Splunk where you can subscribe and see the service in action.

Security App for Splunk

This app pulls together all the dashboards from the apps below, into one navigation menu.


Aplura Authentication App for Splunk

Most applications, devices, and services log their authentication events. This app provides better visibility into that data, so you see a complete picture of user activity.

Splunk Authentication App

Aplura Intrusion App for Splunk

Intrusion Defense and Prevention systems operate as the first line of defense to defend against attackers. This app provides analytics on attacks against your networks and systems.

Splunk IDS IPS Intrusion App

Aplura Malware App for Splunk

Malware can wreak havoc on an organization’s systems and infrastructure. This app provides visibility to respond to these threats before they get out of control.

Splunk Malware App

Aplura Network Traffic App for Splunk

Network infrastructure is the lifeblood of any IT organization. This app delivers high performance reporting on the traffic in your organization.

Splunk Network Traffic App

Aplura Vulnerabilities App for Splunk

No software is perfect. This app has dashboards to help assess weak spots, so you can patch them before they become problems.

Splunk Vulnerabilities App

Aplura Web Proxies App for Splunk

Web activity can be a good indicator of compromise, phishing attempts, abuse, and outdated software. This app provides dashboards to explore your web proxy events and make sense of what is often be a large volume of data.

Splunk Web Proxies App


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