=== UPDATE === 2/3 - I’ve relocated and rescheduled our meeting! Prepare for the first meeting on 2/22 (2/15 is a holiday - Library was closed :D) ! Please check the site for Date, Time, and Location!

=== UPDATE === 1/24 - We are postponing this meeting due to historical amounts of snow! Out of an abundance of caution, please do NOT show up as scheduled! The library is closed 1/25, so we are going to postpone as well. Vote now for a new date ! (http://doodle.com/poll/vanf226tznigzckd) (final date/time to be decided by myself and Dave. But we value your input on what works best for you! )

lets meet and greet! No agenda other than to meet, greet, and eat! We will use the time to plan next steps, see how we want to proceed, background of participants, etc! We will be having this first meeting at the Towson Branch of the Public Library as a first steps. Grab some light refreshments, meet and greet! Perhaps adjourn to a nearby establishment for drinks…….