Aplura Defined: from the Latin plûrâ — more numerous, several, many

Our History and Mission

In the spring of 2005, Aplura co-founders Daniel Deighton and Sean Wilkerson launched Aplura, LLC with a goal to provide clients better information security by applying innovating new techniques and the latest industry best-practices. Since then, Aplura has grown to include clients in every major vertical from Fortune 500s, service providers, Higher Ed, State and Local, and Federal governments.

The company name is derived from the Latin word plûrâ, meaning more numerous, several, many. It symbolizes Aplura’s commitment to provide security via many sources. The genesis of the company was Dan and Sean’s observation that organizations typically consider events from a few IT devices (e.g. their firewalls or IDS) as their sole source of security data. This approach leaves them blind to a great number of IT security threats and does not allow an organization to fully understand its security posture.

When companies apply Aplura’s versatile solutions, they achieve maximized security across IT products throughout the enterprise. To ensure the success of Aplura’s mission, we continuously track and measure client’s reduced security incidents and resulting cost savings.

Aplura: Many Solutions, One Goal