Many Solutions, One Goal.

Information Security Services

The information security environment of the modern organization is, in a word, challenging. Data sources abound as do the threats arrayed against them. Yet all too often the very security processes put in place to identify and mitigate against such threats are themselves compromised by poorly conceived planning and execution.

That’s where we come in. Aplura is an experienced information security consultancy with a proven track record of creating the kinds of tailored, flexible solutions our government, private sector and institutional clients need to meet today’s rapidly evolving compliance and threat detection environments.


By combining creativity, expertise, and experience, Aplura consultants can assist your organization in meeting its security goals and improve your security posture. Learn More about what our Consulting team can do for you.


 Operations and Management

Beyond consulting, sometimes our clients require long-term operations and management (i.e. staff augmentation) support to ensure expert handling of their security solutions. Our consulting and operations staff collaborate routinely to ensure all are gaining from the experiences of the other for comprehensive management. Learn More about what our Operations and Management team can do for you.


 Integration and Development

Our client’s are often ‘Technology Focused’ companies that require integration with their specific solution.  Aplura leverages the best-practices and stability from our operations team and the innovation of our consulting team to deliver rich and scalable integration and development solutions.

Learn More about what our Integration and Development team can do for you.



Aplura provides certified and expert integration consulting services for several technologies including both OpenSource and Commercial solutions.  Learn More about our Technologies.