Our development clients are often Technology Focused companies that require integration with their specific product or solution. Aplura leverages the best-practices and stability from our operations team and the innovation of our consulting team to deliver rich and scalable integration and development solutions.

Our integration and development offerings include all of the following elements:

  • Project Scoping and Planning
  • API, DB, System log event, and flat-file Integration
  • Stellar UI creation
  • Documentation for both end-users and sales engineers
  • Data generators (when appropriate) to enable sales demos
  • Training for sales engineers
  • Support and sustaining engineering

Splunk Development

Applications are an important part of every day life. The machine data that these applications generate can provide great insight into how systems are operating, where issues may arise, as well as security related information that could indicate a breach when correlated with other data. By using Splunk’s platform to ingest and manage this data, it becomes possible to provide a single pane of glass for operations and analyst, but also it becomes a launch point to integrate with external applications to get the most out of the relationship.

As a Splunk partner since 2008, Aplura’s development team stays ahead of the curve by closely coordinating with Splunk product management and application developers. Additionally, Aplura’s established processes for scoping and creating Splunk apps to integrate with external software, ensures a well-made and innovative final product.