Our Focused Technologies

Aplura masters our focused technologies by understanding the underlying concepts such as networks, systems, and users. This provides the foundation to best leverage software and other products to meet our client’s needs. Whether commercial, open-source, or custom, we can ensure our clients get the most out of their technology in the following areas:

  • Security data management (e.g. log data collection instrumentation and analysis)
  • Security architecture evaluation, design, and deployment
  • Network data collection instrumentation
  • Evaluation, design and deployment of security solutions


As a Splunk integration partner and powered consultant since 2008, Aplura is Splunk’s longest running partner in this category. Aplura is trusted to fulfill professional services on behalf of Splunk via sub-contract and is regarded highly throughout the international Splunk community. Please see the below list of helpful documents:


Every year, organizations generate, manage, and store increasing amounts of log data. Cribl gives organizations the flexibility that they need to manage this data. Aplura can help your organization collect, enrich, reduce, and store your events. Together, Aplura and Cribl can make your data more valuable, and less costly. On premises or Cribl.Cloud, using Cribl Edge, Cribl Stream, and Cribl Lake, Aplura can help your organization deploy and manage your data.


Our staff’s security engineering and intrusion detection experience is complimented by the innovative features of Gigamon which we have supported since 2011. Additionally, through Aplura’s partner relationship, we provided sub-contract Gigamon professional services. Rely on our staff to help your organization get the most out of your network’s data and tool analytics by having us help you implement and or manage your Gigamon products.


Our newest technology partner, Fortinet Federal provides government agencies with security products that integrate together to form the Fortinet Security Fabric. This reduces operational complexity while providing federal organizations with protection and compliance.