Employment Opportunities

Aplura’s security engineering focus allows us the opportunity to be experts in various FOSS and Commercial technologies. These technologies vary in required base skills and, as such, the applied use-case. This diversity provides a tremendous opportunity for our staff to gain expertise in cutting-edge security technologies during their careers with Aplura.

Aplura provides long-term operations and management, focused time/deliverable consulting, as well as development and integration services related to our technologies. The tiered approach not only appeals to our clients, but also to our staff who’s technical focus or personal lifestyle might fit particularly well with one of these avenues. Our focus on our staff’s needs allows us the ability to ensure they know their value while they perform useful work–in a way that supports their personal life. As our staff’s personal or technical needs change, we have the means and precedent to accommodate them appropriately.

We have maintained a few underlying tenets since we began back in 2005. One of these primary beliefs is that we will not grow so large that Aplura’s Principals can’t individually know our staff. When we make company decisions, we don’t just consider our staff, but also our staff’s families (or whoever else in their life relies on their livelihood). It is important to consider how all will be effected and ensure we are making decisions that really will best serve our ‘Aplura Family’.

Our flexibility and compassion creates a close family-like environment. Many of our staff say they have never worked for a company with Aplura’s level of commitment to their success. We work together to learn, grow, and support each other ensuring we all get the most out of our careers and our lives.

Aplura’s benefits are competitive. We have company-subsidized healthcare options and company-contributed retirement savings. We value education and our staff all enjoy the opportunity to attend training, conferences and formal education each year. Many of our positions include a performance-based annual bonus in addition to the base salary.

Current openings