ISC2 Exam Developer Workshop

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ISC2 Welcome Sign

I just participated in an invitation-only ISC2 Exam Developer Workshop. The workshop gave me an insider’s perspective on how diligent ISC2 is for providing exams that help qualified candidates within the information security field distinguish themselves amongst their peers. During this workshop, I was among a group of information security professionals that was galvanized to develop examination content that was thoughtful and rigorous.

This workshop process also afforded each of the attendees with the opportunity to discuss the information security and how they apply the this knowledge professionally and personally.  This discourse and interaction was refreshing.  My main takeaway is that the exams are just as challenging as they were when I took them several years ago and that is a great thing.  The company puts forth a lot of effort to ensure that passing one of its exams is an accomplishment to be recognized by all in the information security field.  The ISC2 is still one of the premier organizations for the information security examinations.