Splunk Application Development

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Aplura knows Splunk apps and Splunk app development. We’ve developed many for clients, the community, and ourselves. We understand the complexity of Splunk apps, and their deployment in distributed deployments. We love building new integrations with new or existing technologies. Why choose us?

Our Team

We have an experienced team and a long relationship with Splunk. Our Splunk experience translates to apps designed for easy deployment, use, and upgrade.

  • Aplura is a member of the Splunk Partner+ program.

  • Aplura is Splunk’s longest-running services partner.

  • We leverage dedicated app development staff not consultants that happen to be available. This narrow focus allows our Splunk app experts to produce a great app for you.

  • Our Splunk app development staff includes Splunk experts. They are SplunkTrust members, have written books, and spoken at conferences.

Our Process

Our app development process leverages the best combination of modern development practices. We use a well-honed app forge to create high-quality, custom, and secure apps.


Communication is necessary to create a great product. Projects get a chat room where stakeholders can see updates and ask questions. We give clients access to the code by sharing a code repository. This allows clients to have ready access to the code for review.

We love constant feedback! The more involved our clients are in the process, the better the product.


By using Agile methodologies, we are able to stay flexible and incorporate feedback. This way, we produce the app you want.


Our development stack allows us to test each development version of your app. This testing ensures we our quality remains consistent and development continues. Hundreds of custom checks help ensure we get instant and continuous feedback. We maintain and test against new versions of Splunk, and release bug fixes as needed.

Our Support

You have an app on SplunkBase how do you support it? We help with that too. Aplura can provide support for your app, through email, and Splunk Answers. We track Splunk Answers to field questions from the community about your app and answer them for you. We provide sustaining engineering covering future versions of Splunk. This way, your supported app will continue to function on the latest version.

Our Results

We know Splunk Apps. We’ve designed and built apps, add-ons, and custom visualizations. We know what we are doing and have the experience and knowledge to meet your goals. We would love to talk with you about your needs! Contact us today!