Splunk User Groups

1 minute read

User groups are an integral part of the Splunk community. User groups are a place for regionally located users, customers, partners, and the occasional Splunker to congregate, learn, socialize, and generally have a great time. User groups differ by region and leader, but they all have one thing in common - Splunk. We strive to provide relevant content, webexs, and information in a pressure- and recruiter-free environment. While the leaders are generally partners, users, and customers, a user group meeting is not a place to “drive business growth” for any particular company, and we take great strides to keep it that way.

Part of the user group community is communication. Splunk has a special Slack group specifically for community access. You can sign up for the Slack channels at http://splunk402.com/chat/. Additionally, you can also find large numbers of users on IRC, on the efnet.org network on the #splunk channel. Last, but not least, you can login to Splunk and navigate to https://usergroups.splunk.com. There you will be able to locate and sign up for a user group in your area, view current events, or contact group leaders with questions. Sign up today, and meet and network with other Splunk users in your area!