I Think I Have This Conf Figured Out Now

less than 1 minute read

Being at .conf2016 was an epic experience.

First, the sense of camaraderie amongst the team set the tone for the conference.  The awesome attire and see everyone in one place really drove that home.  The conference followed from there.

The talks (in sessions and with fellow Splunk users) were informative and engaging.  Two unknown Aplura orators (Casey, Unified Open-Sourced Splunk Configuration Management System  & Kyle, Lesser Known Search Commands) gave great presentations that really resonated with the attendees.  These presentations can be viewed on the .conf2016 session archive site.

Additionally, the Splunk company representatives were very enthusiastic and welcoming.  I met an employee named Paul (I had a good feeling about him from the name tag) and had a great conversation.  Also, I met an employee named Doug Merritt who was glad that my first time at .conf was an expectational one.

Lastly, it was great to share information about Aplura to Splunk employees and users.  We got a lot of “props” at .conf as we walked around and during our presentations.  ;)