SplunkTrust Members for 2017 include four Aplura Consultants

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What is the SplunkTrust

The SplunkTrust is Splunk’s Community MVP program, honoring members of the community that give back, through Splunk Answers posts, sharing apps on Splunkbase, User-group participation, and helping people on on the Splunk Slack channel. SplunkTrust members may not have all of the answers, but they are always willing to help.

Returning members

Kyle Smith and David Shpritz will be returning to the SplunkTrust. This is the third year these two Aplurians will receive this honor.

Kyle continues to contribute to the community through his work as an app developer, working both on the behalf of our clients, as well as posting apps he has created in his spare time to Splunkbase. Furthermore, Kyle is a renown contributor to Splunk Answers, is active in helping others in the #appdev Slack channel. As if that wasn’t enough, Kyle is a co-leader of the Baltimore Area Splunk User Group. His presentation “Lesser Known Search Commands” is a perennial favorite at the Splunk .conf. And, if you are interest in Splunk App Development, be sure to check out Kyle’s book (Splunk Developer’s Guide).

Dave, our Splunk Practice Lead, has published numerous apps and is a very active member of the #enterprise-security Slack channel. He loves helping out those new to Splunk by introducing them to concepts like the Common Information Model, and data onboarding. In addition, Dave runs the Splunk Reactions tumblr, to provide a little levity to the community. He has presented numerous times at the Baltimore Area Splunk User Group (which he co-leads with Kyle), as well as multiple Splunk .confs.

New members

Nancy Kafer and Brandon Ganem will be joining Kyle and Dave in the 2017 SplunkTrust class.

Nancy is a long time member of the #splunk IRC channel, and active member of the Splunk Slack channel. In fact, Nancy has been a member of the Splunk community and IRC since 2010. Nancy is always ready to assist others with questions on appdev, Splunk Search Language, and all kinds of troubleshooting. She contributes to many applications found on Splunkbase, and can be found on Slack as “snowmizer”.

Brandon has been using Splunk since 2010, but only started actively participating in the community in 2014, and since then has been incredibly active on Slack and IRC as “beatus”. Both in chat on real life, he is always helping out both new users, as well as seasoned veterans with their Splunk questions and problems. Brandon is a specialist in Splunk architecture, data onboarding, and performance troubleshooting. As a result, he is currently at the top of the karma leaderboard on Slack.

Join us!

The induction ceremony will be on the Monday of .conf, at 5:30pm in the Community Theater. We would love to see everyone there to help congratulate the whole 2017 SplunkTrust class!